Dorms Regulations


Southeast University (SEU) provides the university’s international students with dormitory. Those applying for living in the dormitory shall abide by the following regulations.
  Long-term students (whose study duration is over one semester) shall pay off one year’s room fees within one month after check-in; short-term students (whose study duration is less than one semester) shall pay off room fees of the prescribed month within one week after check-in.
Rooms & Supplementary Installations
  1. The room applicants shall accept the room arranged by the dormitory administrator, and the applicants are not allowed to exchange rooms or to rent rooms to others privately.
  2. Rooms are generally arranged on the basis of double occupancy. If one roommate checks out, the other shall accept the arrangement by the dormitory administrator. If the staying resident refuses to accept the arrangement, he/she is required to pay the single room fees from the date the former roommate leaves upon the permission by the dormitory administrator;.
  3. Rooms are provided only for the registered students, and no one else is allowed to stay overnight in the room without the authorized permission.
  4. Everything provided in the room belongs to the university, and compensation shall be imposed if damages and loss occur.
  5. A deposit of RMB300 shall be paid before check-in and the deposit can be refunded provided that there is no dirt on the wall or the floor or the damage and loss of the property caused by the resident.
  1、 Room keys and keys to other public facilities are not permitted to be duplicated or loaned to others.
  2、 The loss of the keys should be reported to the dormitory administrator immediately and the cost of a new lock shall be paid by the resident or be deducted from the deposit.
Water & Electricity
  1、 Make sure to power off all the electric appliance ( air-conditioner, lights and water heater, etc) before leaving your room.
  2、 To prevent from possible accidents and damages, the electrical stove, the instant water-heater (Re De Kuai), and the electrical heater are forbidden to be used in the dormitory.
  3、 ‘Water Machine shall not be heated without water, and the damage arising from the wrong operation shall be fixed by the resident.
  4、 It is forbidden to damage the infrastructure and equipments of water and electricity supply system.

Opening Hours & Visiting Management
  1、 The gate to the international students dormitory is closed from 12:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. During this period if you need to open the gate in case of emergency, please call the Administration Office of Dormitory.
  2、 Visiting is declined over the closing time and the dormitory administrator is authorized to ask the visitors to leave after the closing hours.
  3、 The dormitory administrator reserves the right to refuse those who have not registered properly to enter dormitory and to ask those without registration to leave dormitory.
Public Environment
  1、 Residents are supposed to keep their rooms tidy and clean, and the co-resident is responsible for the cleaning of the public space by turns.
  2、 Music or sounds produced from any electric appliances is only allowed provided that it should not disturb other residents.
  3、 Littering is prohibited and residents should put their rubbish at the prescribed places.
  4、 Do not dump garbage and hard things into the commode or sewage system, and the cost incurred from dredging should be   borne by the resident.
  5、 Cooking is prohibited in rooms.

6. Pets raising is prohibited in rooms.

Public Security
  1、 Hazardous drugs or medicines are prohibited into rooms and shall be confiscated and punished upon discovery.
  2、 Inflammable and explosive objects are prohibited into rooms and shall be confiscated and punished upon discovery.
  3、 Knives defined by China’s Public Security Bureaus as controlled knives are prohibited into rooms and shall be confiscated and punished upon discovery.
  4、 Do not drink strong alcohol and over-drink drinks containing alcohol in rooms.
  5、 No smoking in rooms.
Gathering & Social Activities
  1、 A written application should be submitted to the College of International Students 3 days in advance for permission if a gathering involving more than 8 persons is to be held in dormitory.
  2、 Gatherings of any kinds are prohibited in dormitory over the semester examination period.
  3、 No religious gathering is permitted in dormitory.
Friendly Reminders
  1、 China’s electric voltage is C220/V/20;
  2、 Residents can use 9989 cards to dial exterior-line phones.
  3、 IP cards can be used to dial domestic long-distance calls or IDD. For the operation and charging rate , you can consult the dormitory administrator or telecommunication sections.
  4、 Phones from outside China, dial 008625+room phone number. Phones from outside Nanjing, dial 025+room phone number
  5、 Emergency Calls:110(police),120(first aids),119(fire)
6、 You are advised to keep strangers from entering your rooms for the sake of safety.
  7、 Phone for Jiulonghu Campus Dormitory 52090855.
  8、 Lock the door and close the window properly before you leave.
  9、 Do not put cashes in quantity inside your room.

10. For dorm information, please log on at  and visit  The Dorm Management System by clicking itemHousing .
  The above dormitory regulations go into effect as of the date the regulations have been promulgated. SEU reserves the right to modify the regulations or to institute new regulations.